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Denas Therapy Training Seminar 2017-2018:
27 May 2017 Sydney
26 November 2017
27 May 2018 Sydney
25 November 2018


Denas Therapy Training Program
1. Theoretical session. History, basic theory, general principles and effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.
2. Theoretical session. Device main modes, power levels, indications/contraindications, treatment zones and therapeutic protocols.
3. Practical session. Pain direct projection and universal treatment zones.
4. Practical session. Segmentary and various special treatment zones.
5. Practical session. “Quick start” learning, case study, specific problems.
Our Denas therapists share information and their experiences of Denas treatment with you as well as showing you some simple easy pain relief and First Aid techniques.
Where:Sutherland Shire, Sydney NSW, 2233.
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Denas Therapy Treatment

Denas therapy treatment is available at:

9 Verdun Place, Engadine, NSW 2233, ph 02 9520 1806, mob. 0431 636 414.

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Individual Educational Denas Therapy Consultations

Denas individual educational consultation is available by appointment and provided by the official manufacturer’s distributor and a qualified Denas Practitioner.

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