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Denas therapy combines the old experiences of Eastern Bio-Energy Medicine with technological advances of XXI century. DENAS-therapy is the modern direction of electro-reflexotherapy, with computer modulated Bio-Feedback reflex system, which acting in the natural non-invasive way through the skin.

Denas (Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulation) - therapy improves functionality and help to restore, maintain, optimize general health and enhance immune mechanisms.



Denas Therapy Seminar is coming on 27/05/2017 and 26/11/2017 for practitioners and people who use Denas family devices at home and Denas Therapy individual educational consultation is offered.

Denas therapy treatment is available by appointment.

Where: Sutherland Shire, Sydney NSW, 2233



DENAS is Revolutionary Therapy That
Can Achieve Extraordinary Results

The main principle of Denas (Scenar) Therapy to recover lost connections between central nervous system and internal organs, launching process of self-recovery in the human body.


DENAS is Your Personal Doctor

It helps to:
-Relieve Acute and Chronic Pain -Quickly Restore Internal Bodily Functions
- Reduce Disability
- Accelerate Recovery (it works synergetically with other treatments to accelerate healing)
- Create Prolonged and Striking Results


It is a Natural Therapy

Acting in a natural way by supporting the regenerative capacity of the body and therefore helps the body to release its own healing potential, Denas Therapy has become accepted as a new form of treatment in prevention, therapy and rehabilitation worldwide.

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